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Saturday, November 24, 2012

114: Under Construction

A new look.

Chuck and I talked at length about updating Small World so that it is modern, easier to read, easier to author and publish, and can reach a wider audience. We think the blog achieves that.

We published October's Small World (#113) as an experiment and quietly racked up over 30 page views within the first 24 hours - from all over the world!  We definitely are going to reach a wider audience.

While blogs aren't new, the tools for publishing a blog have matured to the point that publishing is  easy, almost too easy. Lots of blogs out there are just blather, more Twitter or Facebook replacements (or repeats) than a sharing of relevant information useful to many but produced by a few. Okay, one can argue that tweets and FB posts are the same thing...but we won't be posting in Small World which entre at Shrimpfest we prefer...

Chuck and I updated a post in a few seconds; created one in just a few minutes. The challenge, as always, is content, but the blog format is easy. Readers can access the blog many ways: traditional "bookmark and check in", email alert, RSS feed, or even via mobile devices. Updates to our readers are automatic, the next step beyond DropBox, and there is no requirement on their part to have special software.  When we author/post, you get an alert that new content is there (if you sign up, that's on you!).

Regular Small World content will always be preceded by its issue number, this is Issue 114: November 2012. Other articles, like not-so-regular reviews, tips and articles YOU write, will get posted as they come in. As always, if you submit an article, provide the text in one file and the pictures separately. If you want the photos in a certain place, please note in the body of the text where. We can take just about any format these days, but if you are still using Worstar 3...

We hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for reading...

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