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Everyone is welcome, all we ask is that you bring a project, finished or not, theme or non-theme to share during our Show-N-Tell discussion. Okay, you don't really have to bring a project...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

126: In Progress/Show and Tell

October's build theme was the annual "Build the same kit" month.  This year's BTSK was the Airfix 1/72 BAe Hawk.  There were 5 in progress builds and 15 completed builds, 5 of which were theme related.

Theme Builds

BAe Hawk by Steve Lucianetti
Airfix 1/72

Mk 132 BAe Hawk by Gerry Whiteside
Airfix 1/72

BAe Hawk T.1 by Jim Rotramel
Airfix 1/72
Aftermarket - Eduard Zoom PE Details (not useful), Eduard Mask (Inaccurate for new molds), Master Pitot Tube, Xtradecals

Red Arrows BAe Hawk by Andrew White
Airfix 1/72
Replaced wingtip lights with clear red and green plastic and sanded to shape.  Otherwise OOB

BAe Hawk by Mike Colvin
Airfix 1/72

Completed Builds

Hawker Hurricane Mk IIb by Jonathan Wright
Revell of Germany 1/72
Sky Decals markings representing a unit from Operation Torch

John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn by John Brey
Andrea Miniatures

USNC Pelican and Gausshog by Austin Whiteside
Mega Bloks

XF2G-1 by Joe Hegedus
Aviation USK/Hasegawa 1/72
Aviation USK forward fuselage combined with a Hasegawa F4U-1D, plus an Engines and Things R4360 Engine.  Aeroclub Propeller and various details and markings from scratch to replicate XF2G-1 BuNo 13471.

F-4J Phantom II by Joe Hegedus
Revell/Monogram 1/48
Steel Beach F-4J cockpit and ECM antennae.  Slotted stabilizers and pylons from a Hasegawa F-4 kit.  Centerline tank from another Monogram donor kit.  Markings are by Fox One Decals replicating a 1972 MiG Killer.

F4U-1 Corsair by Joe Hegedus
Tamiya 1/32
RB seatbelts and Eagle Edition markings for "Spirit of 76" of VMK-215 on Munda, August 1943.

Mooney M20 by Andrew White
Bandai 1/48
Custom painted finish with generic civilian registration number decals from Draw Decals.

Italian Armor in Africa by Ben Pearson
Cromwell and ESCI 1/72

Tiger I by Mike Colvin
Tamiya 1/35
OOB in Russian Front markings

EF-105F by Nick Kessel
Monogram 1/48
Kitbashed from two Monogram parts kits.  Aeromaster Decals and Hasegawa Cluster Bombs and ECM pod.

In Progress Builds

IL-2M3 Stormovik by Nate Swift
Accurate Miniatures 1/48
Czech Master resin cockpit

Israeli Centurian "Shot Kal" by Steve Lucianetti
AFV Club 1/35

Soviet T-70M Light Tank by Steve Workman
Universal Models (UM) 1/72
Added 0.010 x 0.030" styrene strips for fender braces

Folland Gnat T.1 by Gerry Whiteside
Airfix 1/72
Will be finished in markings from "Hot Shots"

F-86H Sabre by Andrew White
CollectAire 1/48
Resin kit.  Replacing the kit wing with a F-86F-40 wing with extended slats from Scobie-Doo

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

125: In Progress/Show and Tell

September's theme was "Korean War".  There were 6 In Progress builds and 14 completed builds, plus a fleet of ships.  Eight of the completed builds were theme related.

Theme Builds

M-26 Persing by Dan Yakel 
Academy 1/35
Aftermarket - Aluminum Barrel

M4A3E8 Sherman (Easy-Eight) by Mike Colvin
DML 1/35
Aftermarket - AFV Club tracks

M41 Walker Bulldog by Mike Colvin
Tamiya 1/35

Vought F4U-4 Corsair by Mike Colvin
Academy 1/48

North American F-86E Sabre by Nate Swift
Academy 1/72

Supermarine Spitfire XVIe by Tim Holland
Heller 1/72
Aftermarket - Rising Decals
Represents an aircraft of the SAAF Operational Training Unit which was used to train SAAF pilots prior to deployment to Korea circa 1953.  Painted with Humbrol Acrylic Paints

North American F-86F Sabre by Jim Rotramel
Kinetic 1/32
Aftermarket - Cutting Edge fuel tanks, Aires speedbrake wells, hypodermic needle for the pitot tube.
Represents an aircraft flown by Joe McConnell

F-84C by Jim Rotramel
Tamiya 1/48
Aftermarket - Cutting Edge canopy, decals and nosewheel bay.
Represents a MiG killer aircraft from the 522 TFS 27 FG.

Non-theme builds

Gloster Gladiators by Jonathan Wright
Airfix 1/72 Old and New Molds

F-105G by Steve Lucianetti
Trumpeter 1/72

Dr. Who Spitfire by Tim Holland
Airfix 1/72
Started life as a Mk IXc Spitfire.  Added outboard laser cannons and removed the stock 20mm cannon.  Added a scratchbuilt "Air Bubble Machine" behind the pilot.  Represents a Spitfire seen in the Dr. Who episode "Danny Boy" than eventually destroys a Dalek Death Ray.  Originally built for the March "The Final Frontier" Sci-Fi theme.

Boeing F4B-4 by Ken Kelly
Monogram 1/72
Scratchbuilt cockpit and rigged with EZ Line.  Brush painted with Polly Scale Acrylics. Starfighter Decals.

Curtiss SBC-4 by Ken Kelly
Heller 1/72
Sanded off all raised detail and rescribed new panel lines.  Rigged with EZ Line and brush painted with Polly Scale Acrylics.  Starfighter Decals

IJN and Allied Fleets, Java Sea, 1941 by Ben Pearson
GHQ and Panzershiffes 1/2400
Based for wargaming.

In Progress Builds

M4A3E2 Jumbo Sherman by Dan Yakel
Tamiya 1/35
Aftermarket - Black Dog resin transmission and turret.

Marder IIIm by Dan Yakel
Tamiya 1/35

Blue Angels F/A-18C Hornets by Ryan Turgeon
Hasegawa 1/48
Aftermarket - Steel Beach Masks, Aires wheel bays, Aires Exhaust, Rhinomodel intakes.

Mooney M20 by Andrew White
Bandai 1/48

F-86H Sabre by Andrew White
Collectaire 1/48

EF-105F by Nick Kessel
Monogram 1/48 kitbash