The Southern Maryland Scale Modelers meet every third Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at High Tide Games, 22599 MacArthur Blvd, California, Maryland, (San Souci Plaza, between McKay's and Mission BBQ).

We are also meeting online via Zoom most Thursdays at 7pm -- an email is sent to members with meeting info.

Everyone is welcome, all we ask is that you bring a project, finished or not, theme or non-theme to share during our Show-N-Tell discussion. Okay, you don't really have to bring a project...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

129: In Progress/Show and Tell

January's theme was "You need a pair to open".  In addition, those wishing to participate in the "Double Secret Amnesty" theme were encouraged to bring their already started models to the January meeting.

Double Secret Amnesty entries:

Arado AR 96B by Steve Workman
1/72 Encore
Started in 2007.  Scratch-built cockpit and scribed panel lines. Will be adding aftermarket decals and wheel wells.

Bismarck by Nate Swift
1/350 Academy
Eduard Photo Etch, Aber 38cm, 15cm, & 105mm barrels, White Ensign decks.  Will be adding Trumpeter Ar-196

Tarawa diorama by Jonathan Wright
1/35 Warrior and Verlinden Figure kits, Revell of Germany LVT Amtank
Started more than 8 years ago.  Will be using a resin conversion to convert Amtank to an Amtrack.

Tiger I by Chuck Connor
1/35 Tamiya
Last shown at a meeting 12 years prior.

P-51D by Chris Williams
1/72 Tamiya

Dehavilland Dragon Rapide by Jim Rotramel?
1/72 Heller

F-5E by Scott Samo?
1/32 Hasegawa

Cessna 152 by Joe Hegedus?
1/48 Minicraft

"You need a pair to open" Theme builds

Curtis R3C by Mike Colvin
1/48 Hawk
Scratchbuilt windscreen and stretched sprue rigging.

Me-110G by Dan Yakel
1/48 Pro Modeler
Built out of box

"Bride of Frankenstein" by John Bray
1/8 Moebius
From the 1935 film starring Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester
Painted with black and white acrylic paints

"Laurel and Hardy" by John Bray
1/10 Scale 75
Painted with Scale 75's "Black and White" paint set

Swordfish Mk.I by Nate Swift
1/72 Airfix
Eduard photo etch.  Depicts unit operating from HMS Valient ca 1940.

F11C-2 Goshawk by Joe Hegedus
1/72 Monogram
Starfighter Decals, resin seat and control stick

F/A-18C by Jim Rotramel
1/48 Monogram
Hasegawa GBU-31's corrected with an added nose spacer, Two Bobs decals.

Other builds and in progress

Grumman FF-1 "Fifi" by Joe Hegedus
1/72 MPM
Aftermarket metal propeller

Panzer ID Africa Corp by Mike Colvin
1/35 Tamiya
Out of the box build

Jumbo by Dan Yakel
1/35 Tamiya
Tank Shop resin turret, aluminum barrel

KV-1 by Dan Yakel
1/35 Trumpeter
Aluminum barrel, will be adding Fruilmodel metal tracks

Marder IIIm by Dan Yakel
1/35 Tamiya
Aluminum barrel, resin 75mm ammo, copper speaker wire used for external foliage

F9C Sparrowhawk by Andrew White
1/72 Pegasus
Starfighter models F11C-2 interior, engines and things R975 engine.

X-74B UCAS by Andrew White
1/72 Platz
Skunkworks JSOWs

George and Tom Custer "United in Death" by John Bray
54mm Glory Guys
Resin figures.  Will be the center piece of John's latest "Little Bighorn" diorama.

LEGO Jet by Reese Fullerton (with help from Grandpa Jim)

Zodiac, Humvee, and main battle tank by Austin Whiteside


Sunday, February 16, 2014

39: Cleaning tools for your Airbrush - from the DRUGSTORE!

This is an article first published in SMALL WORLD way back in issue #39 -- December 2005!

by Neil Bable

I found these nice airbrush clean- ing tools in my local drug store in the dental isle. They are made by GUM and come in various styles. The ones pictured are from CVS. They cost me about $3.00 for each set. You can get kinds that have tooth brush handles on them with an extra microbrush or the types pictured here.

The small white ones that look like paddles are made of rubber and can be used for cleaning the airbrush tip. 

I dipped one in lacquer thinner to loosen and clean and it melted the rub- ber, so these would be better suited for acrlyics.

The micro brushes come in holders. I disasemble the airbrush and dip it in thinner and then insert it into the tip of the airbrush and clean it out. I keep doing it until the brush comes out clean with no residual paint. I wipe it clean with a paper towel then stow it back in its holder.