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Everyone is welcome, all we ask is that you bring a project, finished or not, theme or non-theme to share during our Show-N-Tell discussion. Okay, you don't really have to bring a project...

Sunday, November 15, 2015

147: October Meeting Show and Tell

The theme of the October Meeting was "Build the same kit - Tamiya 1:48 P-51D".  There were three theme builds and nine non-theme builds.

Theme builds

P-51D by Joe Hegedus
1:48 Tamiya
OOB, Aeromaster Decals - 356 FG/8 AF 1945

P-51D by Joe Hegedus
1:48 Tamiya
Fuel tanks from Tamiya P-51B kit.  Aeromaster decals - 352 FG/8 AF 1945

P-51D by Mike Morris
1:48 Tamiya
Photoetched seat belts

Non-theme builds

P-47D by Joe Hegedus
1:32 Hasegawa
External tank from Tamiya P-51, seatbelts from Trumpeter Bearcat. Kit decals for 62 FS/56 FG 1944.

M3 Stuart by Justin Reed
1:35 Tamiya
Archer dry transfer markings and kit decals. Music wire radio antenna.  Weathering with AK Interactive and Mig pigments.

P-40F Warhawk by Bill Suggs
1:48 AMT
Used AMT P-40N with resin nose conversion.  True Details cockpit, Eduard PE instrument panel, fish tail exhausts from the spares box. Squadron vac canopy, resin main wheels, and Aeromaster decals.  Weathered with silver Prismacolor pencil and pastels.

Fw-190A-5 by Bill Suggs
1:48 DML/Dragon
Engine/cooling fan/propeller from Tamiya kit.  Decals from spares box for a captured aircraft flown by the 85th FS, 79th FG.

P-40E by Mike Colvin
1:32 Revell
Kits World decals, Eduard seat belts, Ultracast Pilot.

F/A-18A++ by Ryan Turgeon
1:48 Hasegawa
MAW resin nose, Quickboost IMER, resin SJU-17 seat, Rhino Models intakes, Hobby Decal AOA probes.

C-2A Greyhound by Andrew White
1:48 Kinetic
Eduard Interior and Exterior PE sets, Caracal decals for VRC-40, Royale Resin wheels, Wolfpack wingfold areas, scratchbuilt aft cargo and ramp area.

Fw-190 D9 by Scott Samo
1:32 Hasegawa
Hi-grade kit, includes metal and PE parts.  Rescribed most of the kit, painted with Gunze and Tamiya paint.

P-40 by Tim Holland
1:48 AMT
OOB.  Aftermarket decals for a "What if" Tony the Tiger racing plane.

In Progress Builds

P-51D by Darrin Cook
1:48 Tamiya
True Details seat, Eduard Zoom color cockpit PE.

Bf 109E-4/7 Trop by Darrin Cook
1:48 Tamiya
Eduard color cockpit PE

BT-42 Assault Gun by Chuck Connor
1:35 Tamiya
OOB.  Unit served with the Finnish army. Mounts a British gun on a BT-7 chassis.

Ki-61 by Nate Swift
1:48 Hasegawa
Aires cockpit, will be finished as an aircraft from 244th Regiment

P-51C and P-51D by Jim Rotramel
1:48 IMC and Tamiya

Saturn V by Tim Holland
1:72 Dragon
Lots of aftermarket!

Bugatti EB110 by David Fuller
1:24 Monogram
Horrible kit.

Embarrassed Modelers

146 September Show and Tell

The theme of the September meeting was "The Cold War".  There were 8 theme builds and 7 non-theme builds as well as a number of in progress builds.

Theme Builds

 Northrup F-89D by Mike Morris
1:48 Revell
Out of box. SNJ Spray Metal finish
Martin B-57 by Mike Morris
1:72 Testors
Out of box

Tu-128 Fiddler by Jim Rotramel
1:72 A Model
Modified engine nacelles

Douglas A-4F by Andy Frill
1:48 Hasegawa
True Details seat, Eduard RBF tags, weapons from Hasegawa, kit deckles for VA-22

F-5E Tiger II by Tim Holland
1:72 Testors/Italeri
Scratchbuilt ACMI pod from a wooden cocktail stick.  Model was handpainted with Humbrol during Tim's first squadron tour in 1984.

Vanguard Satellite by John Bray
box scale by Hawk (reissued by Round2 Models)
Built per instructions first, then redone to improve accuracy.  Second kit was built to show cutaway view.

F-5E Tiger II by Scott Samo
1:32 Hasegawa
Black Box cockpit, Gunze paint, TwoBobs decals.

F-100D Super Sabre by Steve Workman
1:72 Hasegawa
Scribed panel lines, painted with Testors Metalizers.

Completed Builds

P-40 by Jim Rotramel
1:48 AMT
AM resin cockpit details and wheels. Master turned gun barrels

Bug Eye Scout/Armored Valkyrie by Phill Allen
1:350 Neptune Models
Resin kit, motorized and lit.  Machined barrels and feet.  Heavily modified body, spring loaded ball turrets.

X-wing Fighter by Dan Yakel
Markings were custom masked and painted.

Ar.555 "Amerika bomber" by Nate Swift
1:72 Revell of Germany
AM wheels for Ar-234B, Me 163 pitot tube, Master Model MG151/20 gun barrels.  Paint scheme based on schemes from various "Luft '46" websites.

P-40 by Nate Swift
1:48 AMT
True Details wheels, Turkish markings from Tiger Head.

IJN Akagi by Ken Kelly
1:700 Hasegawa
Raised deck lines sanded off and arresting cables added with invisible thread.  Brush painted with Polly Scale paint.

P-51D Mustang by Joe Hegedus
1:32 Hasegawa
Wingz Resin Cockpit.  Markings for "Lou IV" by Eaglecal.

In Progress Builds

VC-27 "Tunny" VTOL heavy transport by Phill Allen
1:350 Scratchbuilt
Completely scratchbuilt.  Machined turbines and magnetic vectored thrust.  Working flaps and ramp.

P-40E by Mike Colvin
1:32 Revell
Eduard interior details and brake lines.

1971/72 Chevy Nova by Dan Yakel
1:25 AMT
Resin cowl induction hood.

M-10 Gun Motor Carriage by Dan Yakel
1:3 AFV Club
Aluminum barrel, PE parts, dental floss leather straps.

M-47 by Dan Yakel
1:35 Testors/Italeri
Aluminum barrel and grab handles.  Painted as seen in the movie "Battle of the Bulge".

A-37 Dragonfly by Steve Workman
1:72 Encore (Academy molds)
Built with kit included resin cockpit.

Embarrassed Modelers