The Southern Maryland Scale Modelers meet every third Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at High Tide Games, 22599 MacArthur Blvd, California, Maryland, (San Souci Plaza, between McKay's and Mission BBQ).

We are also meeting online via Zoom most Thursdays at 7pm -- an email is sent to members with meeting info.

Everyone is welcome, all we ask is that you bring a project, finished or not, theme or non-theme to share during our Show-N-Tell discussion. Okay, you don't really have to bring a project...

Friday, March 18, 2016

152: March Meeting Minutes

We had another great meeting. It just gets better every month. Of course, if Collin would show up regularly we would spend less time catching him up and more time talking about models.

I counted 34 models and 27 members in attendance last night! From John Bray's metal winning figures to Dan Yakel's tanks and the smattering of jets and props. We even had Doc's research vessel nee ice breaker (but no E-boot).

Formal minutes...
  • Time to start thinking about 2017 themes. Already! Send me your thoughts and ideas, if we have more than 9 I'll put it to a vote, as usual.
  • Meeting location...we decided to let this sleeping dog lie until it is a real issue.
  • Newsletter. Technically we are no longer doing a formal newsletter, however I'll still post to the blog any news, announcements, photos of models, etc. Anyone should be able to post comments (see below) but not to individual photos. Again, because not everyone is on some social media site.
  • Model shop orders as a group will end with June's order. Dave has been graciously aggregating our orders each month to take advantage of shipping rates but now it's time for him to pass that task on. Given the Summer arrival of Dave 2.0 he will be very very busy with other sleep. So if anyone is willing to step into this role, speak up.
  • 23rd April is a kit sale at the Veteran's Museum. I'll post a separate note on this with links and directions.

Until next time...keep the glue on the plastic and build what YOU like.

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