The Southern Maryland Scale Modelers meet every third Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at High Tide Games, 22599 MacArthur Blvd, California, Maryland, (San Souci Plaza, between McKay's and Mission BBQ).

We are also meeting online via Zoom most Thursdays at 7pm -- an email is sent to members with meeting info.

Everyone is welcome, all we ask is that you bring a project, finished or not, theme or non-theme to share during our Show-N-Tell discussion. Okay, you don't really have to bring a project...

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

154: May Minutes

Only a few items for the meeting.  We spent the majority of our time talking about models (that's the point, right!?).  22 members again attended, but only half the kits showed up at 17.  That's a real indicator that nice weather has arrived to compete with our modeling time.

We confirmed the 2017 theme list, breaking the tie.  Yellow Perils (aka Trainers) will be the January 2017 theme.  The updated post reflecting the voting is here.  You can also see the list on the right hand side of the blog.

Chuck noted that he'd received an invite to TidewaterCon 16 as a vendor.  The event is 30 Sep - 1 Oct coincident with the Biplanes & Triplanes Airshow on 1-2 Oct.  Yes, you're reading that right; the airshow is Sat/Sun but the Region 2 IPMS show is Fri/Sat.  I'm planning an all day trip and hope to see some of you there.

We discussed and agreed to NOT have a cake for the anniversary at our June meeting.  If anyone wants to bring one, feel free.  We will of course have the pizza (I will arrange that) and adult beverage of choice (YOU bring that).

Finally, Dave will make his final club order with both Hannants and Scale Hobbyist in early June.  I've already started my list...

Thanks for looking.


Monday, May 23, 2016

153: April minutes

Well, not much for minutes actually.

We had 22 members show and they brought 37 models.  That's a bunch of models to talk about!

We also had a few more hang out at Red Robin afterwards for some more socializing.  This is getting popular and always fund to talk models and other things with friends.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

2017 Themes

Below are the voting results of the 2017 Theme ballots. We had 10 themes make the "top 9"; a roll call vote at the 19th May meeting of all members in attendance chose "Yellow Perils" as our 9th theme for 2017.

Some additional statistics:
  • 70 ballots went out
  • 6 were known duplicates; 
    • 2 were standard ballots not used 
    • 4 were resent as links because of network provider issues
  • 34 total ballots were received with votes
As far as surveys or voting goes, 50% response/turnout is pretty good.

Please note the month for the theme.  With the exception of June, I simply tracked backwards from November's meeting getting the top votes = most important so everyone wants to ensure they have their kit done so that means the maximum time to finish.  Follow that?

December is the Christmas Party, October is the "Build the Same Kit", August is "Amnesty" and June is always "Anniversary".  June 2017 will mark 17 years for the club.

A+ Attitudes - Any attack aircraft like A-1, A-10, AH-1, A-6…
Skunk Works — any subject made by Lockheed (but not Lockheed-Martin)
Big Mac - Any subject made by McDonnell Douglas (but not Boeing)
Yellow Wings - Any pre-WWII military aircraft
Out of Office - Any subject from a manufacturer no longer in business (Curtiss, Loening, North American, Kaiser, etc)
I Spy - Any subject related to espionage, reconnaissance, or covert operations
Red River Yacht Club - Any subject that flew over North Vietnam.
Low and slow - Any ground based subject, not supersonic, like ground attack, cars, tanks, etc.
Yellow Perils - Any training subject
Add the below to the 2018 Theme Ballot
Hold your horses - Any subject named after a horse (P-51 Mustang, Ford Mustang, Bronco, etc); or any horse themed artwork (Norfolk Souther, nose art, etc).

Star of David - Any Israeli subject

Aces - Any subject associated with a famous (or not so famous) ace

Chicks dig weasels - Any wild weasel, iron hand or related subject

Turning the Tide - Any subject related to key turning points in major theaters of wars; Midway, Stalingrad, Gettysburg, El-Alamein, etc.

The Great War - Any subject from 1914 - 1918.

Junkyard Dogs - Any subject abandoned or in the boneyard; or rebuild a kit that’s from your junk pile.

Hooked - Any subject that “got you hooked”; car, motorcycle, aircraft, tank, ship, boat, person…

Gentlemen, start your engines!  - Any racing subject, real or imagined.

Breaking the barrier - Any subject that was designed to break the sound barrier, or was the FIRST to do so in its class.  

League of Nations - The New NATO - Any subject from a country that as joined NATO since the fall of the Soviet Union

Hail to the Chief - Any subject related to a President (USS Harry S Truman, GHW Bush’s TBM Avenger, JFK’s Lincoln, Air Force One, Navy One, etc)

Old School Demos - Any demo team subject that is pre-Hornets and pre-Fighting Falcons.

Two Tickets to Paradise - Any subject that takes you to your place of paradise; train, plane, automobile, scooter, skateboard…

Team Building - Two or more members team up to build a model or diorama

Aim High Alongapo - Any Philippine Air Force subject

Speaking of BTSK...below are the results of that voting.

Votes Kit

BTSK  - Monogram — Any original Monogram kit.

Add the below to the 2018 Theme Ballot
BTSK - Eduard 1/72 MiG-15 kit, any boxing.

BTSK - Revell 1/48 Stearman

BTSK - Airfix 1/72 Hurricane

For both lists, everything below the yellow lines I'll throw into the ballot for 2018 and we'll add whatever new ideas anyone can come up with.

Thanks for looking!


154: May Meeting

Hi Everyone,

First off, Thursday evening at 7pm, 19th May, we'll have our monthly meeting at the Pax River Museum.  

The Theme: Paint it Black: Anything painted black.

Secondly, all votes are in for the 2017 Themes. There is a tie for the 9th theme between Yellow Perils and Hold your horses.  At the meeting we will hold a hand count to break the tie, and if still a tie, then I'll flip a coin.

Theme results will be posted separately and via email to all members.

Regards, and see you Thursday!