The Southern Maryland Scale Modelers meet every third Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at High Tide Games, 22599 MacArthur Blvd, California, Maryland, (San Souci Plaza, between McKay's and Mission BBQ).

We are also meeting online via Zoom most Thursdays at 7pm -- an email is sent to members with meeting info.

Everyone is welcome, all we ask is that you bring a project, finished or not, theme or non-theme to share during our Show-N-Tell discussion. Okay, you don't really have to bring a project...

Friday, December 15, 2017

173: December 2017 Meeting & Club Potluck

Just a friendly reminder to everyone that we will hold our annual Christmas Pot Luck and gift exchange.

The meeting will be at 7pm at the NSi conference room.  21513 Great Mills Rd.

We will have annual pot luck, folks have signed up already and the list sent out separately.


  • Return to Pax Museum open area -- yes/no?
  • Progress on Club Displays and attendees for Old Dominion Open on 24th February 2018
    • 1/28 Revell Biplanes
    • 1/72 Burma Banshees (P-40Ns)
    • Others?
      • "Bring your best"
      • F11C-2 Top Hatters
      • VF-1 Top Hatters' history
      • Battle of the Atlantic
      • King Kong '33

We will also hold our annual gift exchange.  Bring a wrapped gift if you want to participate.  Usual format:

  • For each kit you bring you'll get a number.  
  • We draw numbers randomly to determine order you choose.
  • When your number is called, you choose a gift to open; OR you can steal an already opened gift.
  • First number drawn gets to steal after all gifts are opened.
  • Anyone whose gift was stolen gets to steal as well; 
    • Even after 1st does his/her steal at the end;
    • So it gets REAL interesting at the end...
  • No more than 3 stolen times per gift - after 3rd steal, it's locked.

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